Seat Sale Tips: How to Book Promo Fares

Are you having trouble booking promo fares online? Are you wondering if airline promos are real? Of course, they're real! But they are limited and subject to availability. Promo fares from low-cost airlines such as Cebu Pacific and AirAsia are real. You just have to know how to search and how to book them properly.

Booking promo fares particularly Cebu Pacific flights is not that hard. Read and apply some of our SEAT SALE TIPS for you to be able to book promo fares successfully.


Subscribe to airline announcements or follow their social media accounts. They usually announce SEAT SALES in their respective pages. But if you want a one-stop feed for airline promo alerts then follow AIRLINE PROMO PH! AIRLINE PROMO PH compiles and alerts you of the latest seat sales from different airlines as soon as they get announced. All the latest promo announcements on a single feed only!

Know that you're not the only one looking for Promo Fares. So, the earlier you get updated on seat sales, the more chance of booking flights at the lowest possible rate.


Promo fares are available on specific destinations only, NOT on ALL destinations. You need to read the conditions posted and see which routes are on sale. Don't waste time searching destinations that aren't on sale.


SALE PERIOD is the date range where you need to complete the booking process. Seat sales usually last 3 days max (but not all the time, sometimes longer) so you should book your flights before the end of the SALE PERIOD. Remember, seat sales do not last FOREVER. Don't go complaining that what you're seeing are regular fares if the seat sale you're looking at has already expired.

TRAVEL PERIOD is the flight date range. Don't go looking for dates that aren't within the promo travel period. If your travel plans do not match the travel period posted then don't book. You may want to watch out for the next promo announcements.

4. Be FLEXIBLE on your Travel Date

Weekend flights, particularly Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday flights are the ones that get easily sold out during a seat sale. Why? Because everyone wants to fly on a weekend. If you have exhausted all weekend dates and still couldn't find a promo fare that fits your preferred schedule, then most likely, those weekend flights are already sold out. Try looking at other dates and try looking at weekday flights. Weekday flights have lots of availability since no one wants them. Check multiple dates within the promo travel period.  Promo Fares are spread out across the travel period, so looking across many dates is important in finding one. It doesn't mean that the entire Seat Sale is sold out if only a date is sold out.


Base Fare is different from All-in-fare. Always check what the promo rate is. When the promo rate is for Base Fare only, then the published rate does not include the taxes, booking fees, and fuel surcharges. While All-in fares include taxes, booking fees, and fuel surcharges. Either way, these are way cheaper than the regular fares. Airlines usually offer ALL-in fares nowadays.


Try traveling in smaller groups (1-2 pax). It's harder to look for promo fares for a large group because promo fares are very limited and they are spread out across different flight times.

7. Prepare PASSENGER DETAILS ahead of time

It's best to have all the details on hand before booking online. It'll save you lots of time.


If you want to get the cheapest fare available, remove the ADD-ONS. Baggage allowance, meals, and seats are pre-selected by default, they come with ADDITIONAL FEES, so remove them.

9. Must have at least ONE available Payment Method

Most PH airlines accept payment methods such as Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, online banking payment and offline payment to various payment centers (7-Elelven, LBC Branches, Bayad Centers etc). Online payments usually work better as booking confirmation is immediate. For those paying via payment centers, reservations only last until 11:59pm same day,if you missed paying on time then your booking reservation will be automatically canceled.

10. Lastly, you should book QUICKLY and EARLY

Once you spot a seat sale announcement, make sure to visit the Airline's official website and BOOK ONLINE. For instance, go to http://www.cebupacificair.tom/ to be able to book for CEBU PACIFIC PROMO fares. Most seat sales are offered via online booking only. Bookings are to done by YOURSELF online.

Note: The above SEAT SALE TIPS are specifically made for booking CEBU PACIFIC PROMO FARES, but they may also be applied to booking promo fares from other local airlines such as AirAsia and Philippine Airlines.

how to book cebu pacific promo

Key Takeaway: It is very important to know the details of every seat sale before trying to book online. Be quick and you must learn to remove the unnecessary add-ons when booking. If you know exactly what you're looking for, and you're swift, then you'll have a higher chance of getting that promo fare!

Here's a sample video showing How to Book a Cebu Pacific Promo 

Put these tips to heart and you'll be able to book a promo fare sooner than you think. Everyone can travel, nowadays. Traveling isn't a luxury anymore. If you know how to save and look for cheap air fares then you can go places!

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